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The Private Practice Institute Community

Thirty years ago, going in to private practice was a birth right after finishing professional school. Today, debt, fear, and a false sense of security working for others can lead to owning or starting a private practice as a pipe dream.

The PPI community provides support, guidance and mentoring to make private practice obtainable, sustainable, and fun.

We invite you to join our private practice community as we share, collaborate, and grow our practices together.

You Will Learn How To...

Take your business from where you are to where you want to be

Share proven strategies that can elevate your practice

Participate in peer learning to provide unparalleled quality care

What People Say

"I met Dr. Newsome at a NOA convention in Atlanta in 2019. I told her that I was looking to open a private practice and she immediately told me she would help me get started. She introduced me to the Ebony Eagles and I have been involved ever since then. Dr. Newsome helped me with business plan, budget and projections, buying equipment and answered any question that I had and stills helps me to this day. She encouraged me to do so medical optometry and get the needed equipment in the beginning instead of waiting. She encouraged me to use Zeiss lenses because of the quality and customer service they provide. I accredit Dr. Newsome for the growth and success of my practice  because of her advice and guidance." 
Dr. Chaka Norwood
Optometrist, Norwood Family Eye Care

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